Cybersecurity Tools

NattyTech INsight is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) based SaaS Solution that lets you gain quantitative and qualitative insights into your online interfaces and security framework.

More cybersecurity & Utility Tools

We have an exhaustive list of security and analytcs tools designed to help you secure, analyze, configure, and optimize your information systems.

  • IP Traceroute & Canonical check

  • Sites in same IP check

  • Domain IP information

  • Page status check

  • Malware & Virus detection from 60+ vulnerability scanning sources


Data Analytics Tools

Whether you are looking to gain insights into your online presence, or build an online presence using Artificial Intelligence tools, we have a solution for you.

  • A.I. driven Analytical tools

    We leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to give you complete and accurate analytical insights

  • Code Minification Tools

    Leverage our minification tools to secure your html, js and css code, and optimize your script and web performance.

  • Complete Native Widget

    Simply embed our powerful and real time widget onto your website, sit back and monitor your web interfaces.

A.I. driven Analytics Tools

Code Minifying Tools

Complete Native Widget

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