A Secure Home For AllYour Files

No matter the size or the type of your files, you can save them in NattyTech Cloud, access them from anywhere, and securely share them with family and friends.

Secure Workspaces With Enhanced Collaborative Features

Start creating workspaces for each of your file type, or just create as many as you need to collaborate with friends, colleagues, clients, classmates, partners, you name it... Set expiry dates, email verification, or password protection on your shared links, and revoke access anytime.

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Secure File Sharing With Expiry Link Function & Password Protection

Set password protection on all your shareable links and revoke access anytime. Simply set a password for users to enter when accessing the file, and, or combine it with an expiry date/time, and that is it; the link automatically expires as scheduled and can no longer be used to access the file.

End-to-End Cloud Encryption & SSL/TLS Protection

NattyTech Cloud uses robust layers of End-to-End cloud encryption and & SSL/TLS Protection. Additionally, our enterprise-grade encrypted cloud storage is compliant with local and international regulatory requirements, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

  • Amazon S3 provider

  • End-to-End cloud encryption

  • Multi-Step authentication

  • SSL/TLS protection

  • Single sign-on for end users

  • Secure API cccess

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