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Mitigating Cyber Attack With NattyTech

With NattyTech's cloud storage solutions and predictive analytics tool for cybersecurity you can securely store your data and protect against cyber attacks.

Backup Your Files In The Cloud

Get secure and affordable cloud storage with mobile syncing and offline access for uploading and downloading your files.


Accessibility -Whether your at home or on the road, your files are synced and accessible in real time from any device.


Security -Set password protection on links and/or expiry date/time to automatically expire links and prevent access to a file.


Mobile Apps with Offline Access -No internet? No problem! With our mobile apps you can access your files even offline.


Secure Workspaces - Create workspaces for files or multiple ones to collaborate with friends, colleagues, etc.

Cloud Storage

Effortlessly store and access your files from anywhere with our secure cloud-based storage.

Cyber Defense

Safeguard your data against cyber attacks with our reliable and robust protection solutions.

Mobile Syncing

Keep your files accessible on all of your devices with our seamless mobile syncing feature.

Safe Cloud-based Storage for All Your File Types

Secure Cloud Storage with Multi-File Type Support and Safe Sharing

Enjoy secure, cloud-based storage with support for various file types, including Word, Excel, PDF, video, photos, and code. Preview files easily and share them safely with others.

Take complete control of your file sharing

Secure File-Sharing with Password Protection and Expiry Link Functionality

Effortlessly secure your files with password protection and expiry link functionality, granting you full control over who has access to your files and when.

Store, Access, and Download Your Files Anytime

Mobile App with Offline Access for Easy Document Management

Enjoy the convenience of managing your documents even without an internet connection with our mobile app. Never lose access to your files again, even without internet.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Advanced AI Predictive Analytics

Gain a competitive advantage in cybersecurity with our innovative tools that use AI technology to analyze data patterns and predict potential cyber attacks.

Predictive Analytics For Cyber Threat

Analyzes data patterns to detect and predict potential cyber threats.

Real-Time Cyber Threat Alerts

Provides real-time alerts and reports for proactive measures.

Forensics for Cyber Attacks

Analyzes digital data of cyber attacks, identify the source and methods used.

Ensuring data security is of utmost importance in today's society. NattyTech recognizes this and is constantly developing tools to safeguard our digital information and combat cyber threats.

Natty Ndate Beye
Founder, CEO

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