Our Services


Incident Response

Our attack response service provides rapid and effective incident handling when your organization faces a cybersecurity breach. Our experienced responders handle the entire security incident lifecycle, from detection to recovery. We offer comprehensive response playbooks and conduct table-top exercises to ensure preparedness


Customized Solutions

Our Customized Solutions are tailor-made suits for your business. We listen to your unique needs, measure the fit, and create technology solutions that align perfectly. Whether it’s streamlining processes, optimizing databases, or weaving data-driven decisions, we’ve got you covered. 


Security Awareness

Our security training services empower your team with knowledge and skills to defend against cyber threats. We offer executive cybersecurity awareness programs, secure development training, and online offensive security training. Strengthen your organization’s security posture through education and practical training.


Hosting & Domains

Experience seamless hosting and domain management with us. From domain registration to performance cPanel hosting, and Microsoft 365 integration, we ensure top-notch security and productivity for your online presence. Trust in our dedicated support and robust security solutions to keep your website safe and efficient.


Technical Consulting

Our technical consulting services are all about identifying vulnerabilities and minimizing risks. We conduct thorough security assessments, including penetration testing, physical security checks, network and infrastructure evaluations, cloud security reviews, web and API security analyses, and mobile app assessments.


Web Development

Our web development services create and maintain websites and web applications. We handle everything—from designing the user interface (UI) to building the behind-the-scenes logic. Think of it as constructing a digital space where users can interact seamlessly. Whether it’s a sleek portfolio site or a robust e-commerce platform, we’ve got you covered

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Ransomware Mitigation

Strengthen your defenses by using reliable antivirus software, maintaining backups, and staying informed about the latest threats

Penetration Testing

Regularly conduct penetration tests to assess your security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and improve defenses to mitigate cyber attacks

Dark Web monitoring

Implement dark web monitoring tools to proactively search for leaked or stolen data and protect your sensitive information

When our network faced a critical security incident, The NattyTech team swooped in like a digital superhero. Their swift actions and precise handling prevented a major data breach. We owe our peace of mind to her expertise!

Alexandra Grant
Market Research Analyst

Ethan’s engaging security awareness sessions transformed our clueless employees into vigilant defenders. His relatable examples and practical tips made cybersecurity less intimidating. Thanks, NattyTech!

David Wallace
Mechanical Engineer

NattyTech’s breach mitigation team is top-notch! Olivia’s analytical prowess saved us during a breach. She dissected the attack vectors, plugged the holes, and ensured our sensitive data remained secure.

Suzie Chen
Technical Consultant

NattyTech’s customized solutions team is like a squad of digital architects. They meticulously design security frameworks tailored to our unique needs. Their solutions are the backbone of our resilience.

Carrie Mendez
Respiratory Therapist

Liam’s simulated attacks were relentless, but they exposed our vulnerabilities before real threats could exploit them. His reports were thorough, actionable, and eye-opening. NattyTech’s pen testing service is gold.

Sophie Reynolds
Web Developer

Sandeep’s elegant web solutions seamlessly integrated security features. His code was like a fortress, protecting our online presence. NattyTech’s customized web development is the secret behind our digital success!

Milo Brady
Business Owner